May 13, 2021

A work by Miró owned by André Breton is auctioned for more than six million

'Le piège', by Joan Miró.

‘Le piège’, by Joan Miró.

The work Le piège de Joan Miro, which was owned by the writer, poet and essayist André Breton, was auctioned this Tuesday at Christie’s for 6.16 million euros (£ 5.3 million). Is “a brilliantly lyrical and inventive painting which represents the hot and sunny landscape of Miró’s Catalan homeland “, as explained by the prestigious London auction house. Another of the works by the Mallorca-based painter up for auction was Peinture, for a figure that exceeded 11.8 million euros. Euros (£ 10.2 million). In this case it is “a fantastic vision full of romance and passion, one of the best paintings of his dreams, which Miró began in the summer of 1925“, as detailed about another of the works made during his surrealist emergence.

It was planned to auction two more miros from this same stage, so it will probably take place today. The interest of the experts lies above all in the fact that barely a score of his paintings are preserved from 1924, the year in which he focused on this style, and only three are in Spain (in the Reina Sofía museum, the Fundació Miró and the Thyssen). The others are in private collections and in museums such as the MoMA, the Guggenheim, the Pompidou and the Art Institute of Chicago.

‘Peinture’, by Joan Miró. DM

The work that belonged to Breton has special relevance because it is a self-portrait of Miró, which is painted metamorphosed into a tree with a solar head and an erect penis, watering the earth and overflowing irrepressible energy, ready to fertilize Paris and fertilize a new world. He wrote that for him “a tree is not a tree, a thing that belongs to the vegetable category, but something human, something alive”, thus showing their environmental awareness.

That same year Breton published his famous surrealist manifesto and the following year he met Miró and bought four paintings from him, including Le Piège, which he reproduced in number five of the magazine that published the new movement, La Révolution Surréaliste. The work was one of the key pieces in the exhibition dedicated to Eros at the Cordier gallery in Paris.

Another planned Miró work is Goutte d’eau sur le neige rose, 1968. It is a painting of great poetic beauty, which until last year was deposited in the Fundació Miró in Barcelona and was paired with another from the Katsuta collection. It is one of the many oil paintings that Miró has from the 60s, but the Catalan artistic environment laments the continuous loss of artistic heritage.

Basquiat for 35 million

In addition, Christie’s auctioned the work in Hong Kong Warrior, from the New Yorker Basquiat, for 35 million euros, becoming the most expensive western piece auctioned in Asia. Listed by the house as “the pinnacle of Basquiat’s creative output”, it was painted in 1982 and is “a powerful portrait that amply demonstrates why he is one of the most important painters of the last half century.”

Banksy’s Game Changer has been sold for almost € 20 million. DM

The work Banksy’s Game Changer It has been sold for almost 20 million euros, a record for a work by the British artist. The money will be donated to health.


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