May 31, 2020

A women's march demands an end to repression and the IMF of Ecuador

A large march of women's groups, which crossed the main streets of the commercial area of ​​Quito, on Saturday demanded that the Government cease repression against indigenous people and leave the country the IMF, who blames the economic adjustments announced by the President Lenin Moreno.

Hundreds of women, led by the historic indigenous leader Blanca Chancoso, paraded from the park of El Ejido, where protests have been concentrated against the "package" of economic measures, to the heart of the so-called "hypercenter" of the city, where they concentrate the big commercial chains and banking centers.

In the shout of "No more deaths, repressive state" and "Out of here, IMF", the demonstration also called for citizens to join in the protest that indigenous organizations and other trade union, student and social groups have been leading for ten days.

"Join the people, join the fight against this popular government," shouted the activists who stormed the commercial district, which until now had stayed away from the daily demonstrations that occur especially in the city center.

Policemen on motorcycles rushed to clear the roads to the passage of the mobilization that also forced the hasty closure of the shops.

Also the people who usually go to the park of La Alameda, one of the favorites for practicing sports, had to stop their activities before the noise of the protesters who also accused President Moreno of the violent repression unleashed in the center of the capital.

One of the activists, who preferred not to identify herself, assured Efe that this mobilization has been organized in "support for the indigenous struggle."

"We are from urban groups that also reject the rise in the price of fuels," the source added, stating that women's mobilization was aimed at "raising public awareness of the danger of the agreement with the IMF," which the Government signed in Last March.

The feminine mobilization, during the journey, had to stop the march to give way to another demonstration of citizens of the north of Quito, which was going in the opposite direction to the central area to support the bulk of the indigenous demonstration.

There he shouted the shout of "Outside Moreno, outside", while both groups applauded and encouraged passersby to join the demonstration.

The women's march, according to its organizers, will return to the park of El Ejido, in the center of the city and where the gruso of the indigenous protest is concentrated.

This episode adds to the atmosphere of riots and paralysis that this Saturday increased throughout the city, which seems to be besieged by protesters who, in addition to fencing access to the downtown area of ​​the historic center, have blocked the entry and exit routes the city in several points of the periphery.

Since the protests began on October 3, the protests have so far left at least 4 dead, more than 850 injured, including 133 police officers, and more than a thousand detainees nationwide.

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