Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

A woman kisses a reporter from 'El Chiringuito'

Una mujer besa en pleno directo a un reportero de ‘El Chiringuito’

The beach bar
premiered on Monday a new tertuliano reach, the footballer Alvaro Arbeloa. However, the program will be remembered for an accidental incident that took place in Manchester during the connection at direct with the reporter José Álvarez, who got out of the situation as best he could.

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Everything happened in the center of Manchester where the reporter of the sports gathering was covering football news. "In a central area where you have dinner, you go out, and the English and the English like to go out," he explained afterwards. be assaulted by a woman who kissed him on the cheek.

This, laughing, nervous, tried to remove iron to the issue asking to continue. But it was not like that. This situation that so many times has been given to female reporters was transferred to a man as protagonist. Y in The beach bar They did not want to let it go.

"It seems so sad to me what has happened", Iñaki Cano lamented, affirming that" if it is Sandra Díaz Arcas -journalist of the program- you mount a father of three pairs of noses" "And surely Sandra does not take it badly either but I do not find it funny", continued this one with the assent of the journalist.

Josep Pedrerol on the other hand qualified as very good the departure of his reporter in the situation and joked with him to point out that it had been designed by Alvarez to go out in the zappings. Once the program ended, the director of El Chiringuito once again expressed his support for the reporter via social networks: "The friend José Álvarez has been enormous in a very delicate situation. A strong hug. "

The protagonist of the assault in turn opted to downplay it. "Life with humor is always better", he pointed out to sentence: "There are enough serious problems to take these things badly"

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