A woman is sentenced to life imprisonment for organizing a death duel between her two lovers

Asta Juskauskiene, a 35-year-old woman, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for orchestrating the murder of her ex-husband

The event occurred in June 2019, when a 35-year-old woman living in London organized a confrontation to the death between her two lovers to end the love triangle in which they were involved.

The woman originally married Giedruis Juskauskas, 42, but soon afterwards she met another man she started seeing online, Mantas Kvedaras. When the two men realized the situation, they claimed Asta’s love, so she decided to solve the conflict in a rather unusual way. The solution would be a duel to the death between them and whoever won stayed with Asta’s love. So they both decided to get in touch and set a day to meet and end this dispute. What Giedruis did not know that he is his ex-wife and his lover had planned that meeting as a trap To end his life.

The confrontation ended with Giedrius dead with more than 35 stabs in the neck, chest and shoulder in an alley in Stratford, London. The London Metropolitan Police was gathering information and clues that finally explained what happened. Given this, the lover confessed to having been the author of the murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment, while the woman has also been sentenced for organizing this fight, trying to hide the true conspiracy they had planned against her ex-husband.

The woman and the victim, both from Lithuania, had a child from 5 years old and had recently divorced. For his part, Mantas Kvedaras had already been convicted of sexual assault and threats. The authorities affirmed that the day after what happened they ordered pizza and celebrated their lover’s victory with total coldness. Her daughter did not know about her father’s death and the mother took her to school normally. In fact, he kept an ordinary life until the police discovered everything.

The prosecutor related how both were conscientiously in a remote place and that it was no accident. Asta accuses her of being the brain of the operation. During the trial, the physical author of the murder was immobile while the judge read his sentence.

She knew that Mantas intended to use serious violence and end Giedrius’ life ”, said the prosecutor. “She hosted him at home after the murder, selectively deleted the test messages from their mobile phones before the police stopped them, lied repeatedly in the interview.” “Juskauskiene got more and more bored with your life with Giedruis Juskauskas. They often heard you yelling at him and the son. Mr. Juskauskas had continued to support you and the son after the divorce, he was described by his eldest daughter as “a good man for you.” He always loved you. He took care of you “. “It is clear to me that you, Asta Juskauskiene, developed a fascination for violent and dangerous men,” said the judge.

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