A woman, in a critical condition after being stabbed by her partner in Benidorm – La Provincia

A woman, in a critical condition after being stabbed by her partner in Benidorm - La Provincia

The 34-year-old woman victim of a stabbing allegedly committed by his partner in Benidorm has been transferred to the General Hospital of Alicante to be intervened from the injuries suffered as a consequence of this aggression. The woman is "in critical state"while the suspect, a man of 39 years, remains detained in the cells of the National Police for a supposed attempted homicide, as reported by sources close to the investigation.

The events occurred at 3.30 am this morning on Calle Venezuela. A neighbor heard screams coming from the street. When he looked out the window he saw a woman lying on the floor, so he went down to the street, where he found that that person was bloody and there was a man near her.

At the moment when the neighbor was about to call the emergency service 112, a patrol of the National Police passed by the place, which proved that the woman, of Colombian nationality, presented a wound by a knife in the chest.

The victim assured at that moment one of the agents that had been stabbed by her partner, that was the man who was with her in the street, of the same nationality.

The agents detained this man, who denied the facts and He said he was at home and had gone down to the street to help his partner because he had been the victim of an attempted robbery.

However, she assured that she had nailed a knife in the chest after an argument when both were in the house.

In an ocular inspection, the agents observed that there was a Blood trail from the public road where the woman was to the interior of the couple's house.

In the living room of the house there was plenty of blood and bottles of alcohol, so it is assumed that both had drunk and could be drunk at the time of the events.

The agents found in the house the handle of a knife, which the sheet was missing, which was located later in the pool bottom of the area where the address is located.

According to the same sources, the woman is "very serious" and in critical state"The victim has been quickly transferred by the SAMU to the Regional Hospital of Marina Baixa, located in La Vila Joiosa, where she has been treated in an emergency to stop the bleeding and try to stabilize it." Sanitary sources have indicated that the woman presented, "at least one serious wound with a knife in the chest", reason why it has been moved to the General Hospital of Alicante to be operated by specialists of the thoracic unit.


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