A woman hires the alleged rapist of her niece to beat him up

A woman from Malaga has been released with charges after beating a man accused of raping his 13-year-old niece. It all started last May when the girl told her aunt that a friend's father had sexually abused her.

As Antena3 reports, the woman discovered that the man named by her niece was a bricklayer and contacted him to order a reform in the bathroom. Once the alleged rapist arrived at the house, the woman began to beat him brutally. After the beating, both were arrested and subsequently released. The woman acknowledged the assault and, after declaring, before the judge, has been released on charges charged with a crime of injury.

The sexual assault on the girl is instructed in a separate cause and the man, accused of a sexual offense with penetration, has been imposed a restraining order from the minor.


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