A woman dies from gender violence in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza)

The Civil Guard investigate as a possible case of sexist violence the death of a 39-year-old woman in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza)for which it has been arrested his ex-partner.

The events have occurred in the portal of the house of the arrested in the presence of the woman's youngest son, aged six and apparently the man stabbed her with a bladed weapon.

This has been confirmed to the media by Subdelegate of the Government in Aragon, Fernando Beltránat the scene, the San Mateo street from this Zaragoza town, located about 25 kilometers from the capital.

The scene has already gone to the duty judge and the Scientific police is inspecting the man's home, from where bags with personal items are being taken.

The 39-year-old woman and her ex-partner were included in the Comprehensive Monitoring System in cases of Gender Violence (VioGén), of the Ministry of the Interior, because the woman had filed complaints for ill-treatment.

Beltrán explained that currently the restraining order that had been issued had expiredThese restraining orders have an expiration date and the validity period had already passed. The case was currently inactive, having been classified as an "unappreciated" risk, according to Beltrán.

In any case, it has specified that it will be the Government Delegation against Sexist Violence who, in light of the investigations and evidence collected, will determine if it is a new sexist murder.

Now the Civil Guard is collecting more data and talking with relatives and neighbors of the victim to determine if the man could allegedly have committed the murder when his ex-partner was going to pick up the child at the detainee's home.

If it is confirmed that it is a sexist murderIt is It would be the tenth so far this year in Spain and 1,192 since there are records. In Aragon it would be the first of 2023 and the 33rd since they were recorded.