June 24, 2021

A week with Punkt, the 'anti-mobile' | Technology

A week with Punkt, the 'anti-mobile' | Technology

The idea was tempting: to try a high-end mobile phone that did not have any internet and, therefore, neither social networks nor WhatsApp; a mobile phone from the ones before, come on, from those who only make and receive calls. Overwhelmed by the notifications, transforming into a sort of hermit 2.0, even if temporarily, is a challenge that seems very difficult to refuse. The Swiss manufacturer Punkt led in 2017 to the market the crazy idea of ​​a mobile to help disconnect, and now releases its second version, the MP 02, which for now, has hung the poster of "exhausted stock" in your online store.

It is a mobile that leaves a mark and that is perceived right out of the box: it was like going back to 1999, when you inserted the SIM in a Nokia 3210 and its monochrome screen. And there really are no big differences in the first impact: the Punkt offers the same structure with a numeric keypad and a single color screen; Not a single wink to entertainment or distractions, because that's what it's about. The very name 'Punkt' means 'point' in German, an end to the distractions and the return to a new world in which the only notification on the mobile is that of calls and SMS.

A 'premium' disconnection

The second generation of the Punkt revives the feeling in the hands of having a terminal, despite the spartan of its features, high-end: well finished and with a grip on the hand that we had already forgotten. In the absence of a screen dedicated to leisure, the Punkt is easily held with your hands and fits in any pocket without major inconveniences; Being so austere in benefits offers a second advantage and this one is more interesting: its hard battery, on paper, 12 days with a single charge. But there is always something that reminds us that we are in 2019: Punkt warns of the existence of an important firmware update of the device that arrives wirelessly (OTA) once it is connected to the WiFi network. The USB-C port also remembers that it is very far from that mythical Nokia.

A week with Punkt, the 'anti-mobile'

But the challenge comes in the form of vertigo on the first day of a week not suitable for those more engaged in social networks and WhatsApp. The day the SIM is removed from the smart phone and entered into this daring device, it is like turning off the light in a theater: absolute silence and the certainty of being doomed to an agonizing or pleasant (depending on how you look at it) disconnection. "Today's world is consumed by technology and we are excessively distracted by it," says Petter Neby, who rubric the spirit of the device: recover the time we have lost due to the evolution of technology. And can this disconnection be achieved without 'dying' digitally? Because disappearing from the virtual world is simple: throw away smartphone to trash and relive some old Nokia that accumulates dust in a drawer.

But this is not what Punkt proposes. The manufacturer reverses the approach and this is where the issue becomes really interesting: if one wants to access the Internet and return to the connection, the MP 02 allows it, but for this you must use a second device (PC or tablet). ) to which you will connect to the internet. Yes, the Punkt serves as hot spot 4G that will give us access to the network from the laptop if we really need to do it, such as at an airport or on a weekend getaway. Punkt is, in fact, an Android mobile that uses the secure BlackBerry platform, which guarantees that our data is out of the hands of hackers.

An Android with BlackBerry, 4G connection and aimed at a premium segment … Yes, the Punkt is not exactly cheap if we measure it in terms of a non-smart mobile: 379 euros for the free terminal that leads to a luxury disconnection.

Being disconnected generates the feeling of always losing something and that loved ones are at risk while walking in the park with no more distractions than birdsong. It is the feared FOMO (Fear of Missing Out, or sensation of being lost something), a disorder of which, unfortunately, almost nobody escapes.

A week with Punkt, the 'anti-mobile'

When connecting the terminal to the laptop, messages and alerts of all kinds were arriving, and yes, none was really important, at least not enough to be with the heart in a fist watching the screen all the time. Returning to close the laptop and return from calm and silence; Suddenly, it turns out that we have more time for everything and we discover the great trap in which we have pleasantly fallen: we do not really need Instagram, neither the email nor the WhatsApp, at least not 24 hours a day or in our pockets . If something is urgent, they will call us.

The days happened and the test went from curiosity to annoyance: okay, it's okay if we disconnect, but how nice it is to receive that WhatsApp from friends or spend a few minutes looking at photos on Instagram. Punkt is very good as a second mobile or as a luxury device. What greater privilege than not having to depend on WhatsApps? The device looks premium and it can also represent as a status symbol. But the experience stays in that, in an adventure, and reconnecting was simply delicious. Punkto and followed.


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