August 8, 2020

A weakness of Twiter allows attackers to control user accounts – La Provincia

Twitterhas discovered a security issue in its version forAndroidthat allowed the attackers toaccess personal account informationof its users and even take control of them, and has recommended users to update the application to the latest version to avoid risks.

The recently solved 'microblogging' platform vulnerability exposed accounts to attacks through the insertion of malicious code into restricted storage areas of the Twitter application for Android

The attackers who took control of the accounts could then access non-public information stored on the platform and evensend direct messagesand publish tweets from the victims' accounts.

The platform has assured that it is not aware that the vulnerability has been used in any attack, but at the same time it states that they cannot be "completely safe", as explained in a statement in their privacy blog.

Thus,Twitter has sent notifications directly to accountsthat could have been exposed to the security problem through your app or by email, with different instructions to keep them protected depending on the version of the app.

The platform has generally recommended Twitter users for Android to update the application to the latest available version. The security issue has not affected Twitter for iOS.


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