March 4, 2021

A Vox general will be his parliamentary spokesman for Defense, another for Budgets and Ortega-Smith is in Justice

The party led by Santiago Abascal announced this Friday the name of the deputies who will take the voice of formation to the various parliamentary committees, which will be constituted next week.

The party was presented to the elections with three generals as heads of the list and two of them got seats on April 28. Precisely Agustín Rosety, who will be his voice in the Defense Commission after being 'number one' by Cádiz, participated in the signing of the manifesto in favor of the dictator Francisco Franco who signed more than one hundred retired military, in which his figure was exalted and legacy.

As for the rest of the parliamentary committees, the secretary of Organization of the party and his lawyer in the trial of the 'procés', Javier Ortega-Smith, will take charge of Justice. Meanwhile, whoever was his robe partner in that trial and deputy for Zaragoza, Pedro Fernández, will be the spokesman for the Constitutional Commission.

The Foreign Affairs Committee will remain in the hands of the Extremaduran parliamentarian Víctor Sánchez del Real, the Interior Secretary of the General Secretary of Vox in Congress, the lawyer of the State Macarena Olona, ​​and the Territorial Policy will have the head of the Balearic Malena Constestí.

As for the economic ones, in addition to that of Budgets with General Manuel Mestre in front, José María Figaredo will be the voice of the party in the Treasury and Pablo Sáez in the Economy and Business Commission.

In addition, the deputy for Toledo and responsible for Communication of the party, Manuel Mariscal, will assume the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; Patricia Rueda of Industry, Commerce and Tourism; and Cristina Esteban of Labor, Migration and Social Security.


Meanwhile, former PP leader Ignacio Gil-Lázaro will occupy this responsibility in the Ecological Transition body. In his time with the 'popular', Gil-Lázaro was an expert in Home Affairs and was the voice of his party in the 11-M investigation commission.

Another deputy who came to Vox from the PP is Murcia Lourdes Méndez, whom the party has placed as spokesman for the Equality Commission. It is a parliamentary president of the pro-life association 'Family and Human Dignity' and that has manifested itself as contrary to "gender ideology" and same-sex marriage.

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