Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

A video of his assault on an amateur comes to light

A video of his assault on an amateur comes to light

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The controversial Conor McGregor returns to the news. Social networks have filtered a video in which you can appreciate the UFC Irish fighter taking the phone from an amateur I was recording him and breaking him to the ground.

This event took place on March 11 in Miami, when McGregor, known as 'The Notorious', arrived at the Fontainebleau hotel. The Irishman got angry because the follower, Ahmed Abdirzak, tried to take a picture without his consent, entering into anger. He snatched the smartphone from Abdirzak and then threw it on the ground, trampled it and finally took it away.

Then you can also see how the fan tried to approach the Irish fighter again to ask him to return the phone, but his security guards prevented him at all times.

After the incident, McGregor was detained at Guilford Knight Turner Correctional Center, accused of robbery and criminal conduct, although he ended up being released after paying $ 12,000 fine. The victim reported that the telephone had a value of 1,000 dollars.

Initially the controversial fighter faced a penalty of up to 20 years in prison, but the Prosecutor's Office finally reduced the complaint to a minor altercation, which is why the penalty facing McGregor is six years in prison.


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