Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

A video of an alleged Samsung Galaxy S10 is leaked

Se filtra un vídeo de un supuesto Samsung Galaxy S10 funcionando

A few days after we finally know how all versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be, with which the company celebrates the tenth anniversary of this series of phones, the leaks are overflowing. Yesterday a series of technical specifications appearedFrom all the models, which seem quite coherent, today there has been a triple somersault in the wave of rumors.

It has leaked nothing more and nothing less a video of a Galaxy S10 operative. The video has been shared by a phone retailer called MobileFun and does not show too many details of the phone, but it does show a front camera similar to Honor SuperView 20. It avoids having to use an eyebrow on the front. It also seems that the design line of S10, if true this video, would not be radically different from the Galaxy S9.

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