A video of a neighbor made it easier to identify the alleged rapist of Igualada

Capture of the video that helped identify the alleged rapist of Igualada.

The recordings made it possible to reconstruct the route that the detainee had taken


A resident of Igualada (Barcelona) recorded a video of a group of young people destroying a car, among whom was the young man who allegedly later raped the 16-year-old girl on November 1, a fact that facilitated the Mossos d'Esquadra identify it.

Police sources have explained to Europa Press that this video and other footage from security cameras in the area made it possible to reconstruct the route that the alleged rapist had taken on the night of the events.

They also followed the connection of his mobile phone and that of the victim through the antennas.

sole participant

Moments before the attack, the cameras recorded the investigator following the victim, also when "he begins to speed up behind the minor", how they enter the same street and how he leaves around 6:41 a.m. with the girl's clothes in their hands, and without other people passing through the area during those 20 minutes, which excludes other people from participating in the events.

In addition, during the search of the alleged perpetrator's home after his arrest, the agents found clothing that "fully matches the clothing with which he was captured by security cameras", in which they later found the victim's DNA.

The magistrate ordered a reported provisional prison sentence without bail for the alleged perpetrator of the acts for a crime of attempted murder and sexual assault, "considering that there is sufficient evidence of the alleged commission" of the acts.

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