A version of Agustín Ibarrola’s “Guernica” will be shown at ARCO

Madrid, Jun 30 (EFE) .- The Madrid gallery José de la Mano will present at ARCO, the art fair that opens next Wednesday, a version of Agustín Ibarrola’s large-format “Guernica” that has been missing for decades.

It is a monumental canvas 2 meters high by 10 meters long painted by Ibarrola in 1977, when the Basque artist led a movement of intellectuals and artists who asked that the painting be installed in the Basque Country and not in Madrid.

The work was located by the gallery owner José de la Mano, who happened to see it in an old catalog in search of geometric works by the artist.

He asked the family and they located him in the warehouse along with other works by Ibarrola in a hamlet in the Biscayan town of Gametxo that, for decades, he has used as a study.

The painting will be seen in Madrid 40 years after the arrival of the mythical work of Picasso in Spain.

Ibarrola, retired from public life, explained this work in 1978, where the iconic figures that Picasso painted are clearly recognized and that are surrounded by shapes that could be bars.

“In another dimension the concern already appears in me […] from the world of bars. The bars were impressing me a lot, the whole silofon of the bars, all the movements of the padlocks, of the chains hitting against the bars ”, he indicated.

According to Rocío Robles Tardío, author of the text of the publication that will accompany the artist’s exhibition at the fair, “as a work that plays at being a mural without being one, and therefore the value of monument is assigned (….), Agustín Ibarrola understood the keys to Picasso’s work ”.

The work, which is titled “Guernica Gernikara”, can be seen at ARCO from next Wednesday until Sunday and will be accompanied at the stand by a collection of ten woodcuts made at the end of the 70s, with compositions inspired by Guernica motifs. Picassiano, as the gallery progresses in a note.


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