July 25, 2021

A tropical wave causes floods and one disappeared in Costa Rica

A tropical wave causes floods and one disappeared in Costa Rica

The heavy rains that since Thursday cause a tropical wave in the Pacific of Costa Rica have resulted in floods, swollen rivers, 32 people in shelters and one disappeared, the National Commission of Emergencies reported today.

The president of the National Emergency Commission, Alexander Solis, said Friday that the most affected area is the province of Puntarenas (South and Central Pacific), which reports flood rivers, some flooded communities and the evacuation of 32 people.

The authorities also count a missing person, who tried to cross a river and apparently was dragged by the current in the town of Dominicalito, in the central Pacific.

The Commission raised an alert to yellow throughout the Pacific coast (provinces of Guanacaste and Puntarenas) and maintains a green alert for the center of the country, where the capital San José and the main Costa Rican cities are located.

The influence of the tropical wave number 40 of the season will persist this Friday and the meteorological authorities have predicted that the number 41 will enter the country in the next hour.

The National Commission of Emergencies has recommended to the population to take care of the indications of the authorities and to maintain the vigilance and precaution in places prone to floods or landslides.

These rains come a week after a storm, caused by two low pressure systems, caused damage in the Pacific of Costa Rica and the rest of Central America, with more than a dozen deaths in the region.


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