November 26, 2020

A triple Jayce Carroll allows Madrid to defeat the Maccabi

It was like the old days. A Madrid-Maccabi, one of the great continental classics, resolved in the last seconds thanks to a triple by Jayce Carroll 2.4 seconds from the end. With 36 years, the Wyoming shooter received the order of the Laso board and knocked down the Maccabi, which was very close to winning in Madrid.

And that the Hebrews are far from the team they were not doing too much. After Real Madrid and CSKA they are the most successful club in Europe with six titles. The latter came precisely to Madrid five years ago in Milan. Since then the Maccabi has become a team almost filling in the Euroleague and that is one of the clubs with fixed license. That is why this year they have recruited a squad of American players and finished off with the return of Omar Casspi. The forward has returned home after ten years in seven different NBA franchises. The problem is that some stomach problems left him without playing against Madrid. Without him, without the player who was called to make a difference in the group, everything depended on the army of Americans led by Sfairopoulos.

Madrid took it easy, too calmly. Like the one who knows that the moment he decides to press, the opponent will collapse. It is a dangerous attitude. Defense there was the fair and those of Laso were allowed to take many minutes. The initial success in the triples (4/7 in the first quarter) was enough to counteract the talent of the Macabeos short.

With Salah Mejri sitting next to the unconvened (Reyes, Thompkins and Nakic), one of his new teammates in the inner game, Jordan Mickey, was the one who started taking the game a little more seriously. With Black, the Maccabi's internal benchmark on the bench, Mickey began producing tirelessly. It was as if he had grown ten centimeters. His benefits to rest were dizzy (12 points, 8 rebounds and 23 valuation) and he was the one who prompted the rest of the team. They were followed by Llull, Carroll and Causeur, but behind the group was not the one of the great occasions.

The hole that Bryant caused in the second quarter (11 points) multiplied after the break. A partial of 0-12 (50-56) was the evidence that Laso's had not learned the lesson from the beginning. The defense was a joke and the Maccabi took advantage of it. It was the signal that the headlines needed to take the night seriously. The response, led by Campazzo, was a 13-2 run, but the Maccabi had gained confidence and everything had to be decided in the last quarter (65-65).

Laso did not alter the dynamics of rotations and opted for team B to start the countdown. Llull, Carroll, Causeur, Deck and Mickey had to solve what the headlines did not achieve. And the Maccabi didn't loosen. The differences were minimal and the game began to move in asphyxiating distances. The Maccabi was placed in the hands of Wilbekin and that came lame in the final two minutes. In Madrid there were more alternatives. The opportunism of Deck, the appearance of Mickey, the changes of handball to defend and attack, Carroll … A basket of Wilbekin (11 points in the last quarter) placed the Maccabi ahead (83-85) with 10.9 seconds to play . Laso's board designed a play for Carroll. And the Wyoming shooter scored the decisive triple 2.4 seconds from the end.

86. Real Madrid (22 + 28 + 15 + 21): Campazzo (10), Rudy (6), Taylor (6), Randolph (11) and Tavares (2) – titular quintet – Llull (6), Mickey (16), Carroll (11), Causeur (7) and Deck ( 8).

85. Maccabi (22 + 22 + 21 + 20): Wilbekin (22), Wolters (7), Zoosman (0), Acy (3) and Black (5) – titular quintet – Dorsey (5), Di Bartolomeo (15), Hunter (6), Bryant (15), Cohen (7) and Avdija (0).

Referees: Javor (Esl), Paternico (Ita) and Obrknezevic (Ser). Eliminated Di Bartolomeo and Wolters.

Incidents: 9,738 spectators in the WiZink Center. Match corresponding to the second day of the Euroleague.

2nd day: CSKA, 79-Bayern Munich, 68; Red Star, 68-Fenerbahçe, 56; Asvel Villeurbanne, 79-Panathinaikos, 78; Real Madrid, 86-Maccabi, 85; Zenit-Barcelona (19:00); Khimki-KIROLBET Baskonia (19:00); Anadolu Efes-Alba Berlin (19:30); Olympiacos-Valencia Basket (20:30) and Armani Milan-Zalgiris Kaunas (20:45). (All in DAZN).

Classification (wins / losses): 1. CSKA (2/0); 2. Asvel Villeurbanne (2/0); 3. Real Madrid (2/0); 4. Alba Berlin (1/0); 5. KIROLBET Baskonia (1/0); 6. Barcelona (1/0); 7. Khimki Moscow (1/0); 8. Red Star (2/0); 9. Panathinaikos (1/1); 10. Bayern Munich (1/1); 11. Anadolu Efes (0/1); 12. Zalgiris Kaunas (0/1); 13. Armani Milan (0/1); 14. Olympiacos (0/1); 15. Zenit St. Petersburg (0/1); 16. Valencia (0/1); 17. Maccabi (0/2); 18. Fenerbahçe (0/2).

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