Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

A trick to win more within reach of any company

A trick to win more within reach of any company

The offer There are three major factors to consider: raw material, space and weather. The last one is a big forgotten one that is not usually taken into account. Only the airlines have been able to make the most of it until now, charging for services such as leaving earlier or enjoying VIP areas.

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But the thing points to a change. "Time management is going to turn into an extraordinary business opportunity using digital as a facilitator," he explains. Pablo Foncillas, the anti guru. It is about using context and information to be more efficient.

This has served to develop services such as apps that guide the purchase to make the most of the time. The client is expected to have the best facilities at the time of purchase. In the end, everything is aimed at selling more, says the expert.

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