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A traveler canapé of Norway lobster

Although eating with your fingers has been a trend for some time, the truth is that we do not intend to let it go. Especially, because it is very Spanish. How do they eat if not tapas and skewers? Cutlery rarely have a hole in the bars and chefs who make proposals with Michelin star advise not to use them in some of their bites. Of course, the first to design an almost complete menu to enjoy with his hands was Ferran Adrià at elBulli. We started this series of snacks to eat with your fingers with Paco Roncero, who in the bistro called Terraza Del Casino offers, within its menu (the Affirmation costs 185 euros), a crab canapé with an American coconut and chipotle chile. While preparing it, he tells us that the crux of the matter is to savor the influence of different cooking styles, including Mexican and Thai. It is a delicacy that comes to the table after a knife curry and before the hake with ox and a pilpil. Gustatively and aromatically it is very rich: «When you take it with your hand, the first thing you have to do is enjoy its aroma before eating it», he warns, while recognizing that diners do not mind eating with their fingers as long as Give them a damp and aromatic napkin: "We have checked that you book in these types of restaurants to get carried away. Perhaps, a complete tasting menu to eat with your hands is not ideal, since it may happen that the client does not feel completely comfortable. However, it is great to serve some to help it to be disinfected and that the protocol is not marked ». When it comes to designing them, Paco chooses the main product very well so that it does not fall apart before it reaches the mouth, that it can be eaten really in one bite or at the most in two and that it does not stain either. The latter is vital so that you do not leave the marked establishment. Although it is true that Roncero never met a person who, because he avoided using his fingers instead of the cutlery, left the preparation on the plate: "People know that he is coming to live an experience". Objective fulfilled for the chef, architect of another tapa that is another of the best of his culinary proposal. A snack as simple in appearance as it is a spectacular puff pastry and hyper crispy olive oil to dip in three types of olive juice Castillo de Canena, which happens to a tasting of olives: picual, cornicabra, arbequina and royal.

Canape of Norway lobster

Separating the body from the Nephrops and peeling it comes first. Remove the intestine and insert a skewer to keep it straight and mark it on the grill. Bring the coconut milk to a boil, add the lime and chopped citronella and let it infuse. Sauté a few drops of olive oil, garlic, shallot and ginger, add the chili and sauté also. Include the siracha, the crustacean broth, the tomato and the oyster sauce.

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