A traveler brings measles to Bizkaia | Society

A traveler brings measles to Bizkaia | Society

A traveler who arrived in Bizkaia last December has caused an outbreak of measles that yesterday added his fourth contagion in the Basque Country, as reported by the Osakidetza (Basque health system). Three of them began to develop symptoms between December 22 and January 6. To them we must add this new individual. The authorities are pending to identify other possible patients to stop the outbreak.

The Basque Health Department states that from 2012 to 2018 no case of measles was detected in the community, but since then six have been registered in 2018 and two this year, because the disease is increasing in Europe.

The situation detected is a symptom of a generalized problem. According to data from the Carlos III Health Institute, the epidemiological surveillance network received 137 notifications for this disease in 2017 in Spain; the figure rose in 2018 to 224, 63% more, driven by deficiencies in health systems, the exclusion of populations from health care and immunization campaigns and anti-vaccines.

The case is the second of imported measles that affects Spain since December. The previous one was detected in Madrid. In it, a Vueling passenger infected five members of the plane's crew.


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