A transgender Bond | TV

A transgender Bond | TV

A few days ago, Dominic West, the unforgettable McNulty of The Wire, the unfaithful writer of The Affair, publicly considered that the next James Bond should be the British transgender soldier Hannah Graf. West, who moved to the English countryside after seeing Captain Fantastic, he told The Times what a transgender Bond "would be ideal".

West sees infinite narrative possibilities in the figure of Graf as a member of the British army. And she feels flattered, but he assures that it does not enter into his plans to act. In any case, someone considering her for the role would have to wait, since Daniel Craig will replay agent 007 in Bond 25, the film directed by Cary Fukunaga (Maniac), whose premiere is scheduled for November 2019.

Repeat Neal Purvis and Robert Wade as writers, also responsible for the last Bond, the Specter of Sam Mendes, that Antena 3 replaced on Wednesday, in full Christmas hangover. Purvis and Wade will have to contrive to give Craig out, who wants this to be his last Bond to stop being in such a lecture.

Maybe they could take some idea – something they never do: the bible of all the Bonds is still Ian Fleming – of the novels that continue to be published with the famous actor as protagonist. The last one is from this year and the signature Anthony Horowitz. Before him, since the year 2000, the character was occupied by Raymond Benson, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffery Deaver and William Boyd.

Although in our country has no tradition, the release of each new Bond novel is a small event on which rumors are also triggered, although unlike what happens with movies, they never leave a certain (and very closed) literary environment. It is said, for example, that Lee Child has been proposed on two occasions to be the next Ian Fleming, but that he flatly refuses. Maybe I'm afraid of the opposite of Craig: go unnoticed.


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