A tourist campaign to confirm the identity of La Palma in the middle of the volcano

«For a thousand reasons, Bonita». Appealing to the identity of La Palma tree population, the tourism board of the Cabildo of La Palma He has wanted launch a campaign to reactivate tourism to the Island, which has been seriously affected by the volcanic eruption at Cumbre Vieja. An initiative that was commissioned Mr. Humboldt studio, with the collaboration of Moio Studio, and that you have had a great reception among citizens, not only of the island, but of the entire Archipelago for its emotional character that many people have brought out a multitude of feelings towards this corner of the Atlantic.

One of its creators is Samuel T. González, by Mr. Humboldt, who does not hesitate to specify what he believes is the reason for the success of the campaign. «I think we have been able to find the right point between the need expressed by La Palma tree population to project a message of identity of the Island, of reaffirmation, with the proliferation of messages by people who were visiting it and who began to highlight the virtues of La Palma tree population »explains the journalist and marketing director. And they have done so without hiding the reality that is currently plaguing the island, and that is also part of it and its charms, such as the roar of a volcano and how citizens will stand up and continue to take care of themselves and the territory they inhabit.

‘For a thousand reasons, Bonita’ seeks to represent both those who live on the island and those who visit it


In this way, they worked very hard to give the promotional campaign a tone and a text “in which both those who live on La Palma and those who visit us feel represented.” There was a meticulous work to include according to what terms and plans related to the volcano, so as not to hurt sensitivities or give the impression that it did not exist, like a surgery in which many aspects were taken into account. A conversation that was maintained between the creators and the promoters practically from the first moment in which the communication plan was commissioned, and that was the subject of a wide debate in which the naturalness of La Palma tree citizenship itself prevailed to talk about the drama that they are having to live.

According to González, the creative team expected that the support would be great due to the situation La Palma is going through and that it is in the mind of the target consumer of the campaign, “but we are very satisfied and calm because We understand that the population of the Island has been behind, that they have made it their own and it has become a spokesperson to take it everywhere ». And he believes that this has been the case because they have been “very respectful and balanced” with the people who have been affected by the volcanic eruption of Cumbre Vieja, an obligation that they marked from minute one.

“We had a duty to be very balanced and respectful with the people affected,” says González


“For a thousand reasons, Bonita”, the motto of this promotional work, was created with the idea of ​​reaching, above all, a regional and peninsular market that is, basically, the one that has come to the Island the most these weeks to visit the volcano, by proximity and interest. Hence, a tourist voice has been thought of as a common thread while reciting a letter that he has written to honor La Palma through the perceptions that make him fall in love with its landscapes and its people, shocked by the situation for which going through right now. However, it has been adapted into English to take it to the foreign market and last week it was present at the London World Travel Market, as it hopes to help the recovery of air seats with the British market that have been lost since the eruption began on September 19.

That voice heard in the campaign video is that of Hovik keuchkerian, a face well known internationally thanks to his participation in the popular Netflix series La Casa de Papel, and who has also performed in other formats such as Anti-riot, which have earned him the popularity and sympathy of many people nationwide. «We tried to find a voice with a very remarkable narrative and dramatic capacity, and that as far as possible, he had a high level of knowledge in the audiovisual market, and there we contacted Hovik, who from the beginning was lent to participate in the project, “says González, who assures that they are very happy with the project. result, despite the fact that it has attracted some criticism on social networks for not using a narration with a Canarian accent.

González is also satisfied with the result because this campaign has been mounted «in record time», after the volcanic eruption completely disrupted all the previous work that had been done for another promotional video that ended up decaying due to the rabid news of Cumbre Vieja. In just a few weeks, the team of Mr. Humboldt and Moio Studio had to form a new idea and carry it out while adapting to the reality that the island is currently experiencing. And all this, with an optimistic and very emotional message.


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