A total of 56 athletes will represent Spain at the Tokyo Olympics

The Royal Spanish Federation of Athletics (RFEA) confirmed this Friday that the Spanish team for the Tokyo Olympics It will be made up of 56 athletes, 32 men and 24 women.

Coach José Peiró announced the composition of the team after the closing of the world ranking and the publication of the World Athletics admission lists. Finally, Spanish athletics will have 56 representatives at this summer's Olympic event. It will be the largest expedition of all sports disciplines in which Spain will have representation. Those 56 athletes also suppose, "the highest figure of the last three editions and in the case of women, it equals the best figure in history that up to now corresponded to Sidney 2000 ", as remarked by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation in a text published on its website.

"Once again, athletics will be the sport with the greatest representation within the Spanish Olympic delegation, which will be captained by a legend of our sport, Jesús Ángel García Bragado, which in Tokyo will play its eighth Olympic Games in the test that has given it glory, the 50 km march, which will also be the last time that this specialty is part of the Olympic program, "said the body chaired by Raúl Chapado. The eight Olympic Games is a feat never before achieved by any other Spanish athlete, and it also represents a historic milestone for world athletics.

Chuso will share captaincy with the Cuatrocentista Aauri Lorena Bokesa.

Among those summoned Hurdler Orlando Ortega is also featured, Olympic runner-up in Rio 2016. Orlando will be escorted by some European medalists, such as Álvaro Martín, Diego García, Óscar Husillos, Jesús Gómez, Adel Mechaal or Jorge Ureña.

They are on the definitive list 17 national record holders: Saúl Ordóñez in 800m (1: 43.65), Mohamed Katir in 5,000m (12: 50.79), Ayad Lamdassem in marathon (2: 06.35), Orlando Ortega in 110m hurdles (13.04), Sergio Fernández in 400m hurdles ( 48.87), Fernando Carro in 3,000 m hurdles (8: 05.69), Ana Peleteiro in triple jump (14.73 i), Pablo Torrijos in triple jump (17.18 i), Belén Toimil in weight (18.80), Laura Redondo in hammer (70.66) , Javier Cienfuegos in hammer (79.38), Odei Jainaga in javelin (84.80), María Vicente in heptathlon (6,304), Aauri Lorena Bokesa, Bernat Erta, Andrea Jiménez, Julio Arenas in the 4 x 400 m mixed relay (3: 18.98) and María Pérez in a 20 km march.

Spanish athletes summoned for the Olympic Games


400m: Óscar Husillos

800m: Adrián Ben, Sául Ordóñez, Pablo Sánchez-Valladares

1,500m: Ignacio Fontes, Jesús Gómez, Adel Mechaal

5,000m: Mohamed Katir, Carlos Mayo

10,000m: Carlos Mayo

Marathon: Ayad Lamdassem, Javier Guerra, Daniel Mateo

110 meter hurdles: Asier Martínez, Orlando Ortega

400m hurdles: Sergio Fernández

3,000m obstacles: Daniel Arce, Fernando Carro, Sebastián Martos

Long jump: Eusebio Cáceres

Triple jump: Pablo Torrijos

Hammer throw: Javier Cienfuegos

Javelin throw: Odei Jainaga

Decathlon: Jorge Ureña

20km walk: Diego García, Miguel Ángel López, Álvaro Martín

50km walk: Jesús Ángel García, Luis Manuel Corchete, Marc Tur


100m: María Isabel Pérez

200m: Jaël Sakura Bestué

400m: Aauri Lorena Bokesa

800m. Natalia Romero

1,500m: Esther Guerrero, Marta Pérez

5,000m: Lucía Rodríguez

Marathon: Marta Galimany, Elena Loyo, Laura Méndez

100m hurdles: Teresa Errandonea

3,000m obstacles: Carolina Robles, Irene Sánchez-Escribano

Long jump: Fatima Diame

Triple jump: Ana Peleteiro

Shot put: Belén Toimil

Hammer: Laura Redondo

Heptathlon: Maria Vicente

20km walk: María Pérez, Laura García-Caro, Raquel González

Mixed 4x400m relay: Julio Arenas, Laura Bueno, Bernat Erta, Sara Gallego, Samuel García, Andrea Jiménez.


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