June 14, 2021

A total of 374 works in the shortlist for the 2021 Canary Islands Music Awards

The Professional Association of Composers of the Canary Islands, which brings together a score of creators from the sector in the Islands, has received a total of 374 registrations for the 14 nominations contemplated in the third edition of the Canary Islands Music Awards, corresponding to the year 2021. In total, there are 62 more registrations than in the 2019 edition, to which 312 were submitted (both that year and 2020 could not be held due to the pandemic).

On April 30, the period for submitting entries to the third edition of these awards concluded, convened with the purpose of celebrating, promoting and disseminating the creative processes, artists, musical works and professional management of the music sector in Canary Islands.

By category, 114 works were registered this year in the section of Best video clip, 68 in that of Best pop and rock album, 44 in that of Best design, 39 in that of Best urban music album, 34 in that of Best jazz album and fusion music, 30 for Best root music album, 29 for Best music for audiovisuals and 16 for Best melodic music. In addition to the 14 nominations contemplated, there is a Canarian Music Honor Award (not yet revealed) awarded to a lifetime artistic career carried out by a person born and / or settled in the Canary Islands and related to creation, interpretation, the diffusion or musical management within and / or outside the Islands.


The jury is made up of Ángeles Pérez (cultural manager from Gran Canaria), Tata Zirga (teacher and decimista from Tenerife), Yeray Betancor (journalist from Lanzarote), Héctor Martín (music critic from Tenerife) and Luis Socorro (journalist from Gran Canaria) , which will announce the final choice of nominees on Monday, May 24, while the winners in each of the categories will be known on June 5 at a gala at the Miller building, sponsored by the capital city council.


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