October 29, 2020

A tonsillitis removes Iglesias from the table with the Generalitat

The second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, will not be part of the table of dialogue with the Generalitat of Catalonia that is celebrated today Wednesday in this capital, due to tonsillitis, sources from the environment of the leader of Podemos informed Efe.

According to them, Iglesias was bad yesterday and at the end of the plenary of the Congress he went to the medical services of the Chamber where he was detected the disease, which caused him fever and discomfort, so he will stay at home to rest.

For the same reason, he will not be able to participate in the plenary of the Congress, where he planned to answer a question from Teodoro García Egea, general secretary of the Popular Party (PP).

Yesterday, Pablo Iglesias stressed the need to “be respectful” with the team chosen by the Generalitat of Catalonia to be part of the dialogue table with the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, which also includes members outside the Catalan Government and even investigated by the illegal referendum on October 1.

Pedro Sánchez and Quim Torra hold today in La Moncloa the first meeting of the dialogue table between the central government and the Catalan Generalitat, which, as defined yesterday by the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, starts from antagonistic positions because the PSOE coalition government -Unidas Podemos is in the “antithesis” of the dominant independentist positions of the Gobern.


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