August 12, 2020

A time change at home and without beach bars – La Provincia

This Sunday, March 29, the summer time is recovered and the clocks will be advanced one hour, so that at two in the morning it will be three (one hour less in the Canary Islands), something usual if not this time The change is accompanied by a health alarm and 15 days of confinement. To the effects that the advance of the hour can have on the rhythm of sleep, luminosity or energy consumption is added, in an exceptional way, the anxiety that confinement in their homes due to the pandemic of coronavirus. An anomalous situation that, according to the doctor Manuel Oliva, makes it now more than ever necessary to keep our habits in order regarding sleep, diet or physical exercise and to have our thoughts “occupied with more important things” than the change of time, as, for example, he says, “continue the instructions they give us and collaborate to stop the spread of the virus. ” According to this psychologist, the stress that confinement could cause “does not have to be aggravated” with the advance of the hour, as long as we maintain our customs.


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