July 25, 2021

A tiger kills a zoo employee in Japan – The Province

A tiger kills a zoo employee in Japan - The Province

A worker at a zoo in Japan died on Monday after being Attacked by a white tiger inside the cage in which he was, according to what the media of the Asian country have informed on Tuesday.

The worker, Akira Furosho, 40, was found with neck wounds by a fellow at the Irakawa Zoo, located in Kagoshima, and immediately transferred to the hospital, where he died.

Zoo veterinarians used a shotgun with tranquillizers to sedate the tiger, of five years and 170 kilograms of weight, as has been collected by the local news agency Kiodo.

The zoo had planned to move the animal from the cage to the compound in which it sleeps when Furosho was found. The ordinances prevent the worker from entering the place before the tiger is moved.

The police are investigating the methods of caring for the four white tigers that it has, while the authorities are analyzing whether labor safety laws have been violated.


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