A three-year-old boy dies of a tumor that doctors confused with a sprained ankle - La Provincia

A case has shocked the United Kingdom in recent days after coming to light recently. This is about a three-year-old boy who died months ago after the doctors attending him misdiagnosed him. a sprained ankle when in fact his body was fighting cancer just as the boy's family told the English newspaper Daily Record.

The doctors who treated the child at first sent him home. The little boy was three years old and already suffered from cancer whose survival rate is, according to experts consulted by the aforementioned English media, zero percent. "He was a normal boy who enjoyed sand and dinosaurs," his grandmother was right to remember.

The hospital in which the child was treated did not realize the mistake the doctors had made until The family came for the third time. Then the child's weakness had already spread throughout his body. The treatment he was subjected to later helped but it was too late.

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