A thief of 76 years, violent and camalenica - La Provincia

I could go through the sweet grandmother of the building but the Police says no: "He has fooled us all because he plays a brilliant role"What this 76-year-old lady is doing is watching the stairs and the elevator to steal the floors. Although she doesn't look like it, she's a thief chameleon.

It has 8 different identities and accumulates 40 arrests. In addition to showing himself as a violent person who does not stop insulting and threatening agents.

This accused of small thefts and robberies in holiday apartments in the center of Malaga. Enter the houses, take what the carefree tourists leave and in a couple of minutes leave. If they caught her, she pretended to be clueless or disoriented when in fact she was very attentive to her loot.

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