October 28, 2020

A thermometer ‘made in’ Ibiza

A thermometer ‘made in’ Ibiza
Ibiza newspaper

In times of crisis, in this health case, it is common for human beings to sharpen their wits. This is the case of Andrés Damián Martínez Doña, who has invented a thermometer that measures temperature through the wrist without physical contact, than dispenses hydroalcoholic gel and that, in case of detecting more than 37 degrees of body temperature Activate a light, like a traffic light, which turns red if it exceeds that figure and, otherwise, green. The invention is called ‘Endurance’ and it is autonomous, since it has solar panels to power the system batteries.

At first it seemed simple, but Andrés Martínez had to manage to develop the prototype of his invention that is in the process of patenting, although he regrets that “takes a lot of time and paperwork“.

It all started during the confinement for the pandemic of the COVID-19. Then he observed that the thermometers used to take the temperature in large public spaces were pointed at the forehead with a kind of pistol, which in his opinion “is very invasive” and can be uncomfortable to the people. He consulted several doctors who told him that the second most reliable point to take body temperature, besides the forehead, is the wrist. From there it all started: “I said to myself, I am going to make a device that takes the temperature at the wrist and that works for everyone, but the important thing is also that it is autonomous since it is solar.”

Andrés Martínez is fiber and boat trim specialist, but he defines himself as a “sculptor and self-taught in this of inventions”. In fact, he has several, although this time he thought to do something “to fulfill a specific function in this difficult time we are going through.”

The apparatus withstands outdoor conditions very well, thanks to the fiber and carbon casing that contains the electronic part of the invention: “Now I am in the process of patenting the invention and my idea is to be able to market itI’m ready to build about 10 in a row, then we’ll see, “he explained excitedly.

The electronics is based “on a motherboard, an electroshock sensor, let’s say, a temperature sensor and a second that activates the red or green light according to the body degrees “.


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