A theater in Valencia canceled the performance of Dani Mateo after receiving threats | Culture

The Olympia Theater of Valencia has canceled on Thursday the performances of the show We will never forget you, starring the comedian Dani Mateo and planned for November 23 and 24, "for reasons beyond their control" to the theater and the company, as reported by the private theater on its website.

The decision comes after the controversy that arose the scene that Dani Mateo starred in the program of La Sexta The intermediate the past October 31, in which simulated snot snot with the flag of Spain. The room would have received in recent days messages of tension and even threatening tone following the scene.

"We have made a very difficult decision, but we have to avoid any possible confrontation, we have received hundreds of messages and calls from older and younger people, and not just from the extreme right, we have received a lot of pressure, it is a very emotional situation and we have to lower the tension ", explains Enrique Fallos, person in charge of the Valencian room, to this newspaper.

Fallos adds that in the future, if the tension is lowered, it will not be inconvenient to program the work starring Dani Mateo, Raúl Cimas and José Juan Vaquero. Remember that Dani Mateo has already acted before in the theater without any problem and that the decision has been adopted, despite the economic damage. Some 1,200 tickets had already been sold, the amount of which will be returned.

In his statement, the Olympia attributed the cancellation to "causes beyond the Theater" and concludes with a quote from the philosopher Karl Popper that alludes to intolerance: "In the name of tolerance, we should claim the right not to tolerate the intolerant" . The room informs the public that has purchased tickets for the functions that the return will be made by the usual means of purchase immediately, while asking for "apologies for the inconvenience caused."

In a tweet, the company We will never forget you "For reasons beyond the company's control, the performance of Valencia has been canceled, the artists want to make it clear that their intention was always to act and that they greatly regret this situation. In the official accounts of the assembly, messages of support for the work and Dani Mateo are being received. Dani Mateo himself has echoed by sharing the message on his Twitter account, which closed and reopened after the controversy. This newspaper has tried to contact the humorist without success.

One of the groups that has pressed and sent messages against the work has been the extreme right-wing Spain 2,000, which congratulates itself on a cancellation tweet.


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