August 5, 2021

A teenage girl throws her newborn from a fifth floor and survives

A teenage girl throws her newborn from a fifth floor and survives

A newborn baby has survived after his mother, a teenage girl, threw him out the window from a fifth floor. The "miracle" occurred in Thailand last Monday, when neighbors heard a baby cry in Samut Prakat, in the center of the country. The newborn was on banana leaves that cushioned the fall. The baby, with only a few hours of life, was still with the placenta and umbilical cord attached. He only suffered some scratches and some mosquito bites.

The police are looking for the teenager, who had been seen hours before walking with difficulty due to the advanced state of her pregnancy. The neighbor who found the child indicated that he heard the crying about 10:30 in the morning but did not pay much attention. Shortly after he commented with another neighbor and decided to go check what happened. "We found the baby on the floor and he was crying," according to "DailyMail".

Lieutenant Colonel Amnat Charoen, of Samrong Nua District Police Station, explained that they received the notice about 11 o'clock. When they arrived at the scene, they found the baby under a banana tree. Still the placenta attached to his body and was surrounded by ants and mosquitoes. He also had a rash and a red area.

Everything indicated that he had fallen from a considerable height. Shortly after they managed to find out that the teenager gave birth alone, in a room on the fifth floor of the building and then threw it out the window. The newborn was transferred to a hospital. He is safe and recovering well.

"We are investigating all the houses of the neighbors and looking for the mother, who will be prosecuted for the incident," Charoen concluded.


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