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The Municipal Sports Institute currently has more than 80 workers. / c7

22 years of existence contemplate the Municipal Sports Institute, which continues with its growth and revitalization, betting on the efficiency of the service and a more direct relationship with the clubs, athletes and residents of the capital

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The integral and continuous transformation of the Municipal Sports Institute has reached an exponential rate in recent years thanks to its human capital. With more than 80 people working in the facilities and the remodeled offices of the organization, the commitment to sport and physical activity in the city is more than determined, after 22 years of existence. Not surprisingly, investment per capita in sports is
has quadrupled in the last 7 years, going from 11 to 43 euros per citizen.

The result of this prolonged effort is translated into different lines of work and improvement. From the revitalization of the new offices, to the creation of a new website and a grant-management portal, as well as new communication spaces and multipurpose rooms at the service of the clubs, without forgetting digital tools to simplify the work reports through smartphones. All this for
promote sports culture, health and physical activity in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

It should be remembered that the IMD recently reinforced its staff with the incorporation of 28 sports facility operators,
something that has not been done since 2003, further enhancing management in the sports fabric with a workforce that exceeds 70 workers.

"IMD employees are the best tool that the City Council has to promote physical activity and sports in municipal facilities," said the Councilor for Sports, Aridany Romero.
"Giving prestige to public work is also giving municipal employees the best working conditions and with these new offices that are already two years old, we have achieved it».

The newly remodeled offices currently have a ground floor area of ​​around 2,350 square meters and four floors, two for garages and the other two fitted out for rooms, equipment and
facilities where IMD workers carry out their work.

Likewise, both the holding of the governing boards and the contracting tables of the autonomous body are held in the new boardroom, which also has a video call system.

This comprehensive and gradual transformation has led to equipping the IMD with new resources, such as the new training and conference room. A space of 117 square meters in which meetings are held not only of the institute but of the different federations that need it,
as well as presentations and informative calls of different kinds.

To this is added
the new website of the organizationa modern and dynamic platform that has on its site current news, events agenda and the most complete information on the wide inventory of sports facilities that the IMD has.

In turn, the institute brought to light last year the first Subsidy Portal-Manager at the local level to promote and facilitate access to subsidies, aid and all types of financing for both federations and clubs, athletes and organizers. of events, enabling a fast, easy and comfortable tool that at the same time speeds up the administrative processing of concessions.

In this way, and through
this portal it will be possible to monitor different calls such as subsidies for adapted sports, aid for traditional disciplines or individual sports, as well as public works competitions carried out by the IMD,
among other options.

Also, last March, the body launched a new mobile application to modernize its incident control system in the municipality's sports facilities, also delivering a corporate mobile to staff to facilitate its use. With this, the procedure is streamlined, times are reduced and the corresponding actions that are needed to fix or correct possible anomalies in public facilities are accelerated.

According to Romero,
«We continue to take steps to make the IMD a true autonomous body as it was conceived in the past. It is now, that it has more than two decades of existence, when it has become a benchmark in sports management.

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