A teacher from a school in Ocaña, assaulted with kicks and punches by the mother of a student

A teacher from a school in Ocaña, assaulted with kicks and punches by the mother of a student

A teacher from Ocaña (Toledo) has been assaulted today Hair pulling, kicking and punching in the face by the mother of a student, as reported by the public education union Anpe.

Sources of the Civil Guard of Toledo have informed to Efe that the facts have taken place at first thing in the morning, when the students entered to class.

The same sources have specified that the victim has filed a complaint at noon with the Civil Guard of the town, where he has also attached the corresponding part of injuries.

According to Anpe, the aggression consisted of hair pulling, kicking and punching the face of the teacher by the mother of a student of the School of Early Childhood Education and Primary Pastor Poeta de Ocaña.

Is it has taken place in front of other students and with several parents and teachers of the center as witnesses, which, as the union explained, They have separated the aggressor from the teacher, who had to be seen in the emergency room.

The provincial director of Education of the Board in Toledo, José Manuel Almeida, has explained, in statements to Efe, that the aggressor is the mother of a three-year-old boy who left school yesterday with a "bump" and who has come to the center today to protest.

Almeida, who visited the school this morning accompanied by the chief inspector of Toledo, has indicated that the mother of this student has been received by the director, but she has become "nervous" and has begun to insult, for which she has been asked to leave the center.

However, instead of doing it, "he has not thought of anything else but going for the teacher, grabbing her by the hair, throwing her on the ground, dragging her and giving her a couple of punches," he pointed out.

The provincial director of education has indicated that the local police arrived "at the time" and could remove both the mother and the father of the child from the school, while adding that the teacher and the management team have filed a complaint with the Civic Guardil.

According to Almeida, it is a family "with certain problems and something unstructured", which has taken away all the things that the child had in class.

In any case, he added that, "as a precaution," the chief inspector will appear again tomorrow at the center in case they appear again in the facilities.

He also stressed that the regional government has "immediately" launched the corresponding protocol.

The Provincial Director of Education has shown his support for the attacked teacher and the management team and has put "his full disposal for everything they need."


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