May 11, 2021

A tanker dumps and leaves a "chocolate river" in the USA.

A tanker dumps and leaves a "chocolate river" in the USA.

What looked like it was going to be a large-scale accident today when a tanker truck overturned on a road in Flagstaff, Arizona (USA), became a "chocolate river" that stopped traffic by spilling near 13,000 liters of candy

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) reported that the accident occurred on an interstate highway east of the snowy city of Flagstaff.

The tanker transported some 18,000 kilograms of liquid chocolate (around 13,000 liters), which was maintained at 49 degrees Celsius, DPS said in a statement after reviewing the shipping material.

The tank skidded and overturned on I-40, which caused several crews to work hard to remove the chocolate from the road.

Through a tweet, DPS said it was a "sweet cleaning" and hundreds of users of the social network took the opportunity to joke about the result of the accident and say that although it is not exactly Willy Wonka's chocolate factory , it was a unique opportunity to get free chocolate.

Before what the police replied: "We are joking, please do not try to get liquid chocolate from a road."


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