Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

A Swede linked to WikiLeaks is prosecuted in Ecuador for alleged cyber attack

A Swede linked to WikiLeaks is prosecuted in Ecuador for alleged cyber attack

The General Prosecutor of Ecuador filed charges against a Swedish citizen of 36 years for his alleged involvement in an offense of attack on the integrity of computer systems in the country and that, according to the head of the Interior, María Paula Romo, was linked to the international organization WikiLeaks.

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This was reported on Saturday by this State institution in a bulletin that states that at the end of the procedure, the judge of the Flagrancy Unit responsible for the case ordered preventive detention and the immobilization of the bank accounts of the defendant.

The Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the police, ordered the arrest of the Swedish citizen on Thursday at the "Mariscal Sucre" airport in Tababela, Quito, when he intended to board a flight to Japan.

Although the authorities have not revealed the detainee's identity, in social networks the alleged hacker has been identified as Ola Bini, and a solidarity campaign has been launched that demands his release.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the now-accused has been living in Ecuador for five years and is an expert in the development of technology linked to "security, privacy and cryptography".

At the hearing held on Friday, the judge described the legality of the detention of the Swedish citizen and heard the intervention of the procedural parties and to ensure compliance with the constitutional rights was attended by two translators of their mother tongue.

The prosecutor of the case explained that in the suitcases that the citizen had when he intended to travel to Japan, as well as in the raid on his house, he found a large number of laptops, Ipads, Ipods, USB cables, USB data storage devices , cell phones, adapters, connectors from different ports and credit cards.

Among the elements of conviction presented is also a migratory report obtained from the base of the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE), which includes a large number of trips made by this citizen and another document that details that, since From 2015 to 2019, the foreigner made payments for internet services for a value greater than $ 230,000.

The police raided the home of the researcher on Thursday "to gather information about the activities he would be carrying out in Ecuador," the Prosecutor said in a statement on Friday.

The head of the Interior had indicated a day earlier that "the arrest of the individual had" investigative purposes "and that he would have some relationship with former Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño, who granted Assange diplomatic asylum in 2012, when the Australian took refuge in the headquarters of the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

"We have to be very cautious" with the investigations, Romo added, making it clear that his government is not going to "allow Ecuador to become a center for continental piracy."


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