October 27, 2020

A supply guarantee that ignites the spark of sustainability



Until now, the towns that, due to their orography or distance from urban centers, suffered a breakdown in their electrical infrastructure, had been forced to wait several hours until they saw the supply restored, since it takes time for operators to travel there and find the place of the fault to be able to solve it. Viesgo has eliminated this supply cut-off time, contributing to an exceptional quality of service and comfort for the client.

The company is conducting a innovative pilot project that strengthens the electricity grid infrastructure with a technological solution that, in addition to being clean, sustainable and respectful of the environment, ensures the supply of electricity to rural municipalities, such as San Vicente del Monte, belonging to the Valdáliga City Council (Cantabria), whose inhabitants see guaranteed electrical service to their homes in the event of a possible failure in the network, despite being in the middle of the Sierra del Escudo and far from urban centers.

This lithium battery energy storage project, which has had an investment of 225,000 euros, is the first of its kind to be developed in Viesgo and is also one of the first to be connected to a distribution network nationwide with private clients. They will soon be joined by other localities that will have an avant-garde response of equal effectiveness and efficiency. As noted Miguel Antoñanzas, president of Viesgo, “it is necessary for companies to help boost the economy and build more sustainable systems, and this energy storage pilot project is an innovative, positive solution for rural areas that increases the efficiency of the grid.” Storage consists of capturing energy at a certain time to be used in the future, when necessary. Its operation, thanks to the complex technological development behind it, is very simple: the system monitors at all times the quality of the energy supplied by the network so that, in the event of a power failure or power outage, it sends an automatic notice to the center control that Viesgo has located in Santander, which starts the corresponding operation to correct the incident. At the same time, the system automatically goes on to supply these customers from lithium batteries, so the energy supply continues until the main supply is restored.

The value of innovation

Viesgo works actively in the energy transition to promote renewable energies and digitization. In this sense, innovation is one of its priority values, which is why it invests in new technologies to achieve digital transformation and modernization. Proof of this is this innovative project, which has had the collaboration of the local administration and with ZIGOR Corporación, a company that has designed the technological solution and has installed the infrastructure required by the project.

The assembly of the storage system has taken care of its integration into the green and mountainous environment of the area. It has been consolidated inside a container treated externally so that it has minimal visual impact on the green space where it has been located. Viesgo plans to implement this solution in other towns in its distribution area, which extends through Cantabria, Asturias, Lugo and northern Castilla y León.

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