July 29, 2021

A Supernatural Teen Drama, New Spanish Netflix Series | TV

A Supernatural Teen Drama, New Spanish Netflix Series | TV

Netflix continues its commitment to Spanish fiction with the young audience in the spotlight with the announcement of the filming of soul, a supernatural youth drama created by Sergio S. Sánchez, screenwriter of films like The orphanage Y The secret of Marrowbone, movie that he also directed. They accompany him on the screenwriting team Teresa de Rosendo and Paul Pen. The series will have ten episodes of 50 minutes each, will be produced by Belén Atienza (Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom), Sandra Hermida (Arde Madrid) and Jesús de la Vega (Iron). The premiere of Alma is scheduled for 2020.

The synopsis of soul facilitated by Netflix is ​​the following: "After surviving a bus accident in which most of her high school classmates died, Alma wakes up in a hospital with no memories of the accident or her past, her parents are strangers and her house a place full of secrets and mysteries, begins to believe that everything around him lies, trying to turn it into someone he is not, trapped in a world that does not feel like his own, must unravel the mysterious events that preceded the accident before his true identity fade forever. "

soul joins other Spanish fictions confirmed by Netflix (there is more in preproduction) as The girls of the cable, Elite, Nonetheless, High seas, Sky red, White Lines, Hache and the new deliveries of Paquita Salas Y The paper house (originals of Atresmedia).

"soul explore my favorite topics; the journey from childhood to maturity, the threshold between life and death, the emotional space where reality merges with fantasy. But this time I have a larger canvas that will give me the opportunity to extend the narrative to multiple layers of interconnected plots through a greater number of characters, "says Sánchez in a press release from the digital platform. exciting to give life to that rich universe and I am delighted that Netflix gives me the opportunity to reach a global audience with a series in Spanish that fully connects with my obsessions as a narrator.


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