July 9, 2020

a student solves a physical enigma of a century ago

In theory, they should not find resistance unless the fluid is in motion

A student in Switzerland has resolved the problem stated a century ago why gas bubbles in narrow vertical tubes they seem to remain trapped instead of rising up.

According to your research and observations, it is formed an ultrathin film of liquid around the bubble, preventing it from rising freely. And he discovered that, in fact, the bubbles are not stuck, just they move very very slowly.

The air bubbles in a glass of water float freely towards the surface, and the mechanisms behind this are easily explained by the basic laws of science. However, the same laws of science cannot explain why air bubbles in a few millimeters tube thick do not rise in the same way.

Physicists observed this phenomenon for the first time almost a century ago, but could not find an explanation: in theory, bubbles should not find resistance unless the fluid is in motion; Thus, a stuck bubble should find no resistance.


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