Thu. Feb 27th, 2020

a story in the cloud sky

We are at the doorstep of a new weekend of La activities
Album Week
, an initiative that was born in 2017 with the aim of giving visibility to these spectacular books where there is a unique balance between illustrations and text. A genre that has passed in a little more than three years of being a minority to live a boom to which not a few publishers have joined. From the section
Stories that tell
We want to show you the work behind the small and medium publishers that lead this initiative, and that this year total a total of 23 publishers. So, for 23 days, we are talking about a representative book of each of these publishers, as well as a small brushstroke of who they are. A sample, no doubt, of The best of each house.

Susanna Isern and Gómez (illustrations)

‘Daniela Pirate’

Details of the book 'Daniela pirata' by Susanna Isern y Gómez (illustrations)

Details of the book 'Daniela pirata' by Susanna Isern y Gómez (illustrations)
(Creative montage: Anna Belil)

Three issues are fundamental in this book on pirates One: that there is a fearsome ship baptized with the name of
Black Cayman
. Two: that a girl called Daniela
wants, above all, to be a pirate in that ship. And three: that a devious captain nicknamed Ear cut consider that the girls can't be pirates. And here we can read.

The character of the pirate Daniela has given many joys to the publishing house NubeOcho, so many that she already goes for her sixth edition. “We are a committed children's publishing house that was born with books that talk about equality and diversity. Y Daniela Pirate It is one of our favorites, ”says editor Luis Amavisca. “There are many pirate books, and why don't we see just pirate girls? Do we still have great themes where girls are excluded? Well, Daniela has something to say about it, ”continues Amavisca, who considers Daniela's book as an emblem of this publishing house that lives since 2012, the year she was born on horseback between Madrid and Malaga, with one foot in Italy and another in the United States, hence the common languages ​​in which it publishes are Spanish, Catalan, English and Italian.

Details of the book 'Daniela pirata' by Susanna Isern y Gómez (illustrations)

Details of the book 'Daniela pirata' by Susanna Isern y Gómez (illustrations)
(Creative montage: Anna Belil)

This fall Daniela stars with the Black Cayman another adventure, ‘
Daniela and the pirate girls
’. This time it has appeared furrowing the seas another ship whose crew is gradually getting a tremendous fame. The Intrepid Piranhas –That's the name of the new pirates who have entered the scene– they rescue people in distress before anyone else and they take over the treasure before Daniela, which the crew of the Black Caiman will not like too much.

“We feel the need to create an editorial that talks about values, equality, difficult issues –Death, divorce, ecology-, because we felt it was missing ”, comments Luis Amavisca. Hence his first bet, back in 2012, out
‘Princess Li
’, A risky but necessary story about a princess in love with another girl.

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