July 25, 2021

A star in Sitges

A star in Sitges

The star of this festival is Nicolas Cage that has caused great expectation, of course if he does not become Francis Ford Coppola's nephew, maybe he would not have made a career in the cinema. The movie they have put with him as the protagonist is "Mandy", of Panos Cosmatos, son of the late director George Pan Cosmatos. It's a great super entertaining "thriller" in which the poor Cage do everything. What happens is that they forget some things, for example, the bad bad, a tall blond, leaves a tiger loose and it disappears, you never know the cat again, while the blond will come back; The beauty of all this is that once the character of Nicolas Cage is beaten, we see how he plans his savage revenge.

"Nekrotronic", by Kiah Roache-Turner, and with the pleasant presence of Monica Bellucci, is another of the official films and, finally, a movie that talks about the danger of mobile phones. One of the characters has on his phone a program to get ghosts and, from there, there are persecutions in the network, tremendous spectra, all this seasoned with magnificent special effects. It is a highly recommended film that should not be missed if it is released in theaters.

Another film in competition "Zoo", from Antonio TubleIt is a strange movie because it seems like a love story of a couple living in an apartment, although little by little the thing gets complicated when we discover that, on the outside, everyone has become a zombie. The film advances when another couple arrives at the house of the protagonists and zombies begin to appear knocking at the door until they reach a climax of the genre and surprising.

"Terrified", from the Argentine Demián Rugna, film more than worthy that deals with a whole series of paranormal phenomena, dead people who return from the grave, invisible beings, strange magnetisms without any explanation and all wrapped up in characters that act as doctors, psychiatrists, paranormal experts to give you that wrap serious argument scientist.

There are two movies that are a shame to give that qualifier because they are an insult to the seventh art. One of them is "Piercing" by Nicolas Pesce and "Summer of 84" by Anouk Whissell, François Simard and Yoann-Karl Whissell. The latter is with four children and, from the beginning, we already know who the bad guy is.

Despite this, this year Sitges has changed for the better, the schedules are respected and many of the films are fantastic, as it should be. Gone are those years of many thrillers and strange adventures, or by Angel Sala.


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