Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

A spirit with class

A spirit with class

In his book "I confess that I have lived", Neruda has some memorable words about the feeling he had when he published his first book of poems, "Crepusculario": "That minute is present only once in the life of the poet." Each writer may publish few or many books, but that occasion is given only once and, no doubt, remains in the memory. The one that this writes made debut, a day of 2002, like novelist in Mondadori, and now returns the emotion and the pride by such thing, and the memory of Claudius Lopez Lamadrid receiving me in his office of the street Travessera de Gràcia of Barcelona; I had an idea, a small change in the title of my work, something about the word "alone", although after speaking to him he was convinced of my choice. He already had a reputation for harboring a modern spirit around the arts, for having tastes that were related to electronic music as well as to the transgressive American literature he loved to publish. But it is that he edited the whole world, young Spaniards or consecrated authors, recent incontestable classics, a list of impressive Latin American writers, creators of half the world, always betting on Literature in capital letters from his position as editorial director of group in the Penguin Random House publishing house and editorial director of Random House Literature and Trojan Horse, and as director of publications in Random House Mondadori since 2000, leading the literary division (Debate, Lumen, Mondadori, Trojan Horse). Previously, he had been an editor at Galaxia Gutenberg / Círculo de Lectores, responsible for the Universal Library; In addition, he had a dozen translations from English into Spanish, and so one discovered versions of Woody Allen's scripts, for example. But perhaps few know that he was the eldest son of the Marquis de Lamadrid, belonging therefore to an aristocratic family; He, who reigned with great nobility in his palace of books like few others.

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