Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

A spectator abronca Ramón García live

Ramón García it never ceases to be news. If last week he hoarded headlines to ensure that the fault of the Grand Prix do not return to television they have "the animalists", now the victim has become a tremendous scolding by a spectator of its program in Castilla-La Mancha Televisión.

Well, a viewer to use was not since at that precise moment was not watching television. And that's where the anger comes from. Everything happened when the contest was launched in which the program gives a ham to its viewers. The only condition is to answer the phone saying: "Ramón, can you give me the ham?"

Ramón García, abroncado by a spectator

Ramón García, abroncado by a spectator

After dialing a number at random, a lady answered the phone and Ramón García said: "Good afternoon. Excuse me for bothering you. Look, I'm the one on TV" In a tone of anger, the lady has not hesitated to say: "The one on TV? What TV? " Ramón did not give up on his efforts and kept asking: "What are you watching on TV right now?"

"What am I seeing? And what do you care?", The woman has already responded with worse humor. "I wanted to give him a ham. You are watching Time from La 1, right? ", said Ramón García while the lady was not crouching:" A ham wanted to give me? And I give you another ham! "

Do not you know that we Spaniards take a nap? "

"It's not a tease, ma'am …", he has tried to save the Ramontxu situation. But nevertheless, the woman on the other end of the phone did not bite her tongue and finish off the presenter saying: "Do not you know that we Spaniards take a nap?" Zapping, of La Sexta, has been commissioned to collect this momentazo.

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