Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

A spectator abronca live at Pedrerol

Un espectador que increpa en directo a Pedrerol

The beach bar
by Josep Pedrerol does something unique in these times on national television: devotes a few minutes at the end of each program to the spectators can review live on the topics that have been discussed in the gathering. Normally, there are opinions for all tastes in sports, but this time, a man from public He has dedicated some unpleasant words to members of the sports space.

"You have bored me, sincerely", said one of the attendees The beach bar before the surprised face of the collaborators and a nervous smile from Pedrerol himself, who has not complained and invited him to continue with his complaint: "Tell us, why did not you like the program?".

A viewer criticizes Pedrerol live

A viewer criticizes Pedrerol live

The man has not cut a hair: "You are talking about Barça six or seven days. You say the same. You bore the whole world. You are up to three in the morning and do not give an important news. Nothing at all. A penalty? You'll take half an hour if it's been, if it's not been ... and always like that. Do not catch me anymore! "

Pedrerol tried to get away from the criticism by using the television hyperbole and telling him to look at the screen to see how he "had fun" during The beach bar. "We have the proof ... There it is!", while there were some images in which the man was seen peacefully asleep during the conversation. "Thank you for dreaming about us," Pedrerol said.

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