A Spanish student in Scotland cannot return because she has tested positive for three months

A young Spanish woman living in Scotland takes months to return to Spain. He has been trying for three months and does not succeed because he tests positive in the PCR tests despite the illness having passed for a long time. “On October 11, I took a test and it was already positive”, says the young woman.

And so, until today, eight PCRs later, Irene Torres, Erasmus philology student in Glasgow, keep giving positive. Despite being fully recovered, with a positive PCR she cannot take a plane and return home to Zaragoza. Health assures him that he could return with a medical certificate that proves it, but neither the consulate nor the Scottish clinics allow it. With no solution in sight, at least they let him live in the apartment of the residence that he should have left in December, in a country, Scotland, with an iron confinement.


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