A Spanish coach saves the life of a swimmer from drowning

A Spanish coach saves the life of a swimmer from drowning

"The lifeguards did not jump, so I jumped," his rescuer later assured


Scare during the World Swimming Championships in Budapest. US team synchronized swimmer Anita Alvarez fainted and sank during pool practice. Her trainer, the Spanish Andrea Fuentes, did not hesitate and jumped into the water to rescue her from her.

"It was a good substitute, I had to throw myself because the lifeguards didn't do it," said the coach. Fuentes dove into the pool in pants and a T-shirt, dove to the bottom and dragged Alvarez to the surface before getting help to pull her out of the water. "I was scared because I saw that he was not breathing, but he is already very well, at the top," she said.

The American swimmer was transferred on a stretcher to the medical center enabled in the pool amid the shock of the companions and the public.

The US swim team later reported in a statement that the swimmer was doing well. Fuentes explained to Spanish radio stations that her disciple fainted from the effort displayed during her routine.

"I think she has been at least two minutes without breathing because her lungs were full of water, but we have been able to take her to a good place, she has vomited the water, coughed and that's it," he said in Rac1.

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