A Spanish child achieves bronze in a world mental calculation championship - La Provincia

The boy Guillermo Diez Rúa, 7 years old and student of the San Isidro school in Leon, has won the bronze medal in the World Championship of Mental Calculation held in the Chinese city of Foshan on July 20 and organized by the company Aloha Mental Arithmetic.

Guillermo has obtained the bronze in his category in this contest with almost 700 participants, who have had to face the challenge of solving 70 mathematical operations in less than five minutes and with the help of just an abacus.

The Leon boy formed, together with his sister Adriana, 10, and Mauro González and Maikel Amores, the Spanish representation in the championship, attended by students from 16 countries, such as Russia, India, Malaysia, Mexico or the Philippines.

The four Spanish participants are students of Aloha Mental Arithmetic, an extracurricular activity that every year prepares more than 15,000 Spanish students in the discipline of mental calculation.

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