June 24, 2021

A Spanish ad crowns the Super Bowl | TV

This Sunday, in the middle of the Super bowl, the end of the football league, all eyes will be pending the performance of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. But his mastery of the stage must share prominence with the highly anticipated announcements. It is the most sought-after advertising space: this match is usually the most watched broadcast in the world every year and, this time, brands have paid more than ever for their gap: 5.6 million dollars (5 million euros) for 30 seconds whose audience is around 100 million viewers in the United States. And, for the first time in history, in that gigantic exhibitor, you can see the An ad emerged from a Spanish creative agency.

“This is the only time of the year when people don’t get up in the bathroom during the commercials,” summarizes Pancho Cassis, partner and global creative director of the David Mad agency by telephone. With only five months to live, the Madrid office of the David agency was the winner of the Turkish Airlines airline contest in search of ideas for its spot in the Super Bowl. They competed with the most important agencies in the United States and their sister David Miami, who in the last four years have taken care of seven spots of the final of the American Football League. The winner turned out to be an idea that emerged in Madrid. The specialized magazine Adweek confirms that it is the first time that a Spanish advertisement will be seen in the Super Bowl.

Image of the announcement of Turkish Airlines in the Super Bowl 2020.

Image of the announcement of Turkish Airlines in the Super Bowl 2020.

The confidentiality agreements do not allow those involved to tell details of the announcement before its broadcast on Fox, the chain that this year broadcasts the Super Bowl in the United States (in Spain it can be seen in #Vamos and Movistar Deportes). They don’t want to screw up the owner of Turkish Airlines, the Turkish government. Cassis only advances that the campaign, which has an announcement of a minute and a half that can be seen on the Internet and a 30-second version that will be the one issued during the game, is based on the fact that Americans do not travel A lot outside its borders. The production tells a real experience that “has changed the lives of its protagonists,” the agency said in a statement. The advance of the announcement available on YouTube, which has already exceeded two million views, shows three people prepared to undertake a trip and interspersed images that refer to the preparations for the space flight with which the United States arrived on the Moon in 1969. “It is the country that produces more astronauts, the first one that arrived on the Moon, the one that invests the most in its space agency, but the people on foot do not travel much, and in this announcement we invite them to do it more,” explains Casiss .

The creative director emphasizes that, breaking with the line of previous announcements of Turkish Airliness, this year’s proposal has not had any actor or famous faces. Ridley Scott took care of the 2019 announcement, on other occasions it has been Morgan Freeman, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill (the most recent Superman), Messi and the recently deceased Kobe Bryant who have invited to travel with the Turkish company.

Almost all 35 people who work in David Mad’s office have been involved in the creative development of the ad, while in production they have had the help of the Miami office. The filming of spot, directed by the Argentine Nicolás Pérez Veiga and whose execution has been commissioned by the producer Primo, was extended for 25 days and took the team to locations in Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia. The ad creation process started in October and concluded this week with the sending of the final copies.

Cassis describes how a “pitch” for his agency sneak like that, in style, in the Super Bowl, but also highlights the importance of this milestone for the Spanish advertising industry. “You can do things like that from here for an event as important as this, with the most expensive ads, the biggest advertisers … It fills us with pride.” The creative director also highlights the responsibility of facing this challenge. “It has good things, like the high budget, the ability to call everyone … Any director or celebrity It opens the doors faster when you say ‘Super Bowl’ because it is a showcase for everyone. But, on the other hand, you do it with much more care, it is such a big showcase and where everyone thinks, that the fear of screwing up is bigger. It is one of the few moments when people want to see advertising, today that people escape advertising. “


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