Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

a son of Lorenzo Sanz, also positive

According to the Diario de Mallorca, Paco Sanz, one of Lorenzo Sanz’s sons has also tested positive for coronavirus. Although the situation is not the same because he is not in a risk group like his father was, in the family they already know how dangerous the virus that is scaring the entire planet can be.

The family still mourns his father: “We are very sad because we could not see him, we could not be with him. Neither have we been able to be with my mother to cover her, nor with my brothers … We do not know when the cremation will be because it is all collapsed, but we cannot be anyone in the family. They are very heartbreaking and sad circumstances. But all the signs of affection of the people, the unanimous recognition of the figure of my father, the indelible memory that he has left, the titles, the affection, the messages that we are receiving … all of that is comforting us. It is very hard to lose a parent in these circumstances. And like us, there are 2,000 other families who are going through the same thing ”, assured Lorenzo Jr. The father will be cremated in El Escorial, according to the ace

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