A 'smartphone' arrives that crashes when seeing nudes to avoid 'sexting' - La Provincia

The next 'smartphone' for young people of the Japanese company Tone Mobile,TONE e20, stands out for its new function in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) detects nudes or inappropriate images and blocks the camera so that the photo is not captured and thus avoid 'sexting'.

Tone Mobile has announced the launch on February 20 of its new 'smartphone'TONE e20. The new terminal has been specifically designed for children and teenagers, to protect them from possible online scams and blackmail.

This mobile phone has improved its AI functions, among which its ability to detect inappropriate images from the camera stands out. TheIAIt works in the background, controlling the use of mobile cameras.

When thecamera, the system analyzes the image to see if it is inappropriate. The company has said that technology will not allow taking pictures of naked bodies.

If the AI ​​detects somethingsuspect, it will display an error message on the screen and it will be immediately deleted from the device memory and cannot be accessed from the gallery.

Also thisprotection systemIt can be associated with an 'app' installed on the mobile of the parent or guardian. When the system detects an inappropriate photo, the application will notify you by offering information such as the date and time, a thumbnail version of the photo or the location.

The TONE e20 has a display of6.26 inches, a triple camera and the dual biometric application authentication function. Its price is 19,800 yen (without taxes), which is about 167 euros.


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