Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

A smart watch contradicts a live weather presenter

More and more times the technological gadgets sneak into classic television. Looking at the mobile, checking social networks and uploading photos from the set are already common, but that a gadget last generation te interrupt in full direct and, in addition, take you the opposite, it is already a new matter. Let them say it but the man of weather of the
BBC English
and his clock

Everything happened live, on the BBC channel and within the weather forecast of the news. The meteorologist He was giving his forecast for Minneapolis when the Apple Watch he wore came to life and Siri began to give his own forecast of time for the next hours.

A smart watch interrupts the live weather man

A smart watch interrupts the live weather man

The anecdote would not have happened of the spectators who at that time saw the informative if it were not because the meteorological account of the English public chain, BBC Weather, shared the video on Twitter with the following title: “When you are a time presenter and your watch contradicts your forecast …”

While the meteorologist talks about the snowfall that is occurring Minnesota, Apple's assistant, Siri, responded loudly that “there is no snow in the weather forecast. The presenter's face froze at the laughter of his teammates and the expert was only right to say: "I apologize, it was not part of the plan."

"I probably don't know what place I'm talking about," the meteorologist added, clarifying that
the headquarters of the television network is in London
(where there was no snow forecast) while he was referring to snowfall in the United States. The new function of Apple watches has also been commented a lot rise to wake.

The translation would be "wake up" and imply that with abruptly raising the arm the assistant would be activated without the need to give the order “Hey, Siri”, which activates it regularly. Anyway, many are those who have recommended the protagonist of this story to leave the clock in the dressing room.

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